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Each week we are honored to walk with people in prayer for the renewing of their minds. We pray with them for healing from wrong thinking; lies believed; harmful thoughts from painful memories; denial; anger; fear; anxiety; bitterness; unforgiveness; lust; shame; blame; need to control; apathy; double-mindedness; arrogance; pride; temptation; lack of love; lack of self-worth; lack of focus; confusion; helplessness; guilt; invalidation; powerlessness and all forms of deception. Here are some testimonies.

We were praying with someone who was working through a hurt of some years ago. While the person was seeking God's Light for this hurt, they reported to us that they saw the Lord handing them a tiny box. We asked them what was in the tiny box. In a whisper and through tears, they said: "Grace!" And we cried together in the presence of His love!

At the beginning of my time with Bill, I was overcome with sobbing and deep rooted tears of childhood hurts; but, as Bill had me search out the LIE and then hear the Holy Spirit speak the TRUTH to me, I burst into uncontrollable laughter and joy.

This experience has opened the door to peace in that area of my life and affirmed the validity of "TheophosticŪ Prayer Ministry" (TPM), in that, I was amazed at how life changing results can be achieved in a relatively short period of time.

I am very grateful and thank the Lord that Bill and Tina are ministers of "TheophosticŪ Prayer Ministry" (TPM). I consider my trip from the state of Oregon to see Bill and Tina as one of the wisest decisions I have made since being born again.

I just wanted you to know that I KNOW things have changed dramatically in my life. The things that we prayed about are changed to truth... the peace is there! I am excited to see what God has ahead for me... and am so thankful for you being obedient in where the Lord is leading you - because it has been such a blessing in my life.

I can't tell you what a wonderful feeling it is to be at peace and feel so free.

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