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An Evaluation of Theophostic Prayer Ministry by Christian Research Institute (CRI)

After an exhaustive evaluation, CRI detects nothing unbiblical about the core theory and practice of Theophostic Prayer Ministry (TPM). For an in-depth explanation of these conclusions, please read "An Evaluation of Theophostic Prayer Ministry"

Healing Life's Hurts
Healing Life's Hurts by Edward M. Smith

This 170 page book about Theophostic® Ministry authored by Ed Smith is filled with powerful stories about the life-changing experiences people have had through Theophostic®. It is a great way to introduce others to this exciting ministry. Many facilitators report great benefit to using this great tool. Available through Theophostic® Prayer Ministry Online Store

Gift of Transformation

The Gift of Transformation is your tool to introduce others to the life of transformation you have discovered. If Jesus has met with you, read this inspiring book, and pass it on to others.  Designed for the person who won't read a long, didactic book, this book engages the reader in a way most books never will.   Available through DwightClough.com/books

Healing is a Choice
Healing Is a Choice by Stephen Arterburn

Describing ten choices we can make, and the corresponding ten lies that we must reject, Arterburn outlines the plan for opening our lives to God's divine touch. Healing on all levels-spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical-is a miraculous gift from God; but it is a function of our own decisions and beliefs as well. Available through New Life ministries, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, BooksChristian.com and Christianbook.com

Bait of Satan

Seeing unforgiveness as an important part of Satan's plan to hinder the Christian walk, the author helps thoses who struggle with offense, insult, or rejection. From the Bible, Bevere teaches how to be reconciled with offenders, restore friendships, and stop repaying evil with evil. Available through Messenger International, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, BooksChristian.com and Christianbook.com

Dad Shaped Hole in My Heart

Every daughter knows how important "Daddy" is. When dads disappoint us we can be profoundly affected for the rest of our lives. Whether your dad abused you, neglected you, or left you, the result is an emptiness that cries to be filled. Here you'll find the help you need to face your hurt and find healing. Available through Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble

Hiding from Love

When we experience emotional injury, our first impulse is often to hide the hurting parts of ourselves from God, others, even ourselves. This survival mechanism keeps us from healing. This book brings us out of hiding into the wholeness God intends through healthy bonding with others. Available through Cloud-Townsend, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, BooksChristian.com and Christianbook.com

Love & Respect

Psychological studies affirm what the Bible has been saying for ages. Unconditional respect is as powerful for him as unconditional love is for her. Learn how couples nationwide are achieving a new level of intimacy and learning how to stop the cycle of conflict, initiate energizing change, enjoy new passion. Available through Love & Respect, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and Christianbook.com

The Bondage Breaker

If you are locked in habits you can't seem to break or caught in sin, you are not alone. While the spiritual conflict that churns within you is very real, the answers are just as tangible. You can live without chains! Learn the truth of who you are in Christ. Available through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, BooksChristian.com and Christianbook.com

Breaking the Bondage of Legalism
Breaking the Bondage of Legalism by Neil T. Anderson, Rich Miller, and Paul Travis

Discover how Christ liberates us from the treadmill of trying to be "good enough for God." Dr. Bill Bright once called legalism "the greatest plague on the church." This powerful resource will illumine the path from bondage to the freedom. Available through Freedom in Christ, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and Christianbook.com

The Shack
The Shack by William P. Young

Mackenzie Allen Phillips's youngest daughter, Missy, has been abducted during a family vacation, and evidence that she may have been brutally murdered is found in an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness. Four years later, in the midst of his great sadness, Mack receives a suspicious note, apparently from God, inviting him back to that shack for a weekend. Against his better judgment he arrives at the shack on a wintry afternoon and walks back into his darkest nightmare. What he finds there will change his life forever. Available through TheShackBook.com, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, BooksChristian.com and Christianbook.com

Findging God in The Shack

Aware both of the excitement and uncertainty generated by The Shack, theologian Randal Rauser takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the pages of the story. In successive chapters he explores many of the book's complex and controversial issues. Through these chapters Rauser offers an honest and illuminating discussion which opens up a new depth to the conversation while providing the reader with new opportunities for Finding God in The Shack. Available through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and Christianbook.com

Zvi: The Miraculous Story of Triumph Over the Holocaust

As a 10-year-old Jewish boy, Zvi was separated from his parents and forced to face the trials of survival in Adolph Hitler's crazed world. How he triumphed against all odds and found his way to Israel and faith in the Messiah is one of the great stories of our time. Available through Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble

The Case for Christ

Is there credible evidence that Jesus of Nazareth really is the Son of God? Retracing his own spiritual journey from atheism to faith, Lee Strobel, former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune, cross-examines a dozen experts with doctorates from schools like Cambridge, Princeton, and Brandeis who are recognized authorities in their own fields. Available through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and Christianbook.com

He Loves Me

Do you find yourself picking through circumstances like children plucking daisy petals attempting to figure out whether or not God loves you? If you find yourself least certain of his love in those critical moments when you most need to trust him, there is hope for you. Available through Life Stream, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and Christianbook.com

The Emotionally Healthy Church

Something is desperately wrong with most churches today. Many sincere followers of Christ who are passionate for God and his work are unaware of the crucial link between emotional health and spiritual maturity. They present themselves as spiritually mature but are stuck at a level of immaturity that current models of discipleship have not addressed. Discipleship that really transforms a church must integrate emotional health with spiritual maturity. Available through Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and Christianbook.com

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Theophostic® Prayer Ministry - Theophostic® Prayer Ministry acknowledges that Jesus Christ is the only one who can truly release the wounded person from their emotional/mental bondage. This does not invalidate the role of the counselor/minister as a listener, intercessor and/or instructor of biblical knowledge and godly living, but acknowledges that apart from Christ we are ineffective in accomplishing God’s desire for bringing lasting peace and genuine victory to the wounded soul. Theophostic® (God's Light) is all about the Lord Jesus.

International Association for Theophostic® Prayer Ministry - IATM has rapidly become an international network of thousands of  people who are using the Theophostic® principles in their ministry and personal lives.

Freedom In Christ Ministries - "Understanding your identity in Christ is absolutely essential to your success at living the victorious Christian life."

Cross Counsel -  Jesus heals deep emotional hurts and brings genuine, lasting revival.  In the last five years, there has been a quantum leap in discovering how this healing process works. CrossCounsel has been at the forefront of this new move of God.  Rev. Steve Freitag has over 8,000 hours of experience ministering Christ’s healing to hurting people, and has spent hundreds of hours teaching others to do the same.

Fullness In Christ Ministries, Inc. - Fullness Network is primarily an apostolic and prophetic fellowship and ministry. It focuses on "Connecting the Net" with individuals, churches, missionaries and ministries in order to promote communication and fellowship. Ras Robinson received a dream twice in one night wherein Jesus appeared and called Ras to the ministry of connecting hearts of love to Jesus and to one another. The result is the raising up of an apostolic network of church leaders, missionaries and individuals with connected hearts of love.

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New Hope Church (formerly Crystal Evangelical Free Church) (Minneapolis, MN) - At Crystal Evangelical Free Church, we think of ourselves as a family that's never quite complete...there's always room for someone else! We invite you to come deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ as you find connection and acceptance; a place to grow in grace and truth; and opportunities to touch the lives of others

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John Tracy Music - we invite you to take a look at this website and hear the true heart of a family man!

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