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I've Learned

Iíve learned that Godís timing is always right. The vision He shows me today may not take place tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. But, He sees the end from the beginning. He alone knows when to birth the vision. I need only to nurture the vision and prepare. That will keep me busy until He moves.

Iíve learned that God is not my janitor. He will not sweep up my messes. But, He will walk with me while I do.

Iíve learned that His Grace really is quite amazing!

Iíve learned that I can do nothing wrong that true repentance cannot correct.

Iíve learned that a humble spirit and a contrite heart will touch my Fatherís heart.

Iíve learned that God is never in a hurry and that, in itself, can calm my fears.

Iíve learned that quick decisions without prayer can create dilemmas requiring a lifetime of prayer.

Iíve learned that He hears all prayers and then answers them His way and in His time.

Iíve learned that what I do not understand will not cause Him loss of sleep or confusion. However, if I dwell on what I do not understand, it will bring both of these to me.

Iíve learned that the really secret things in my mind arenít really secret.

Iíve learned that comparison and criticism are companions that hinder compassion and commitment.

Iíve learned that to renew a right spirit in me is a choice only I can make.

Iíve learned that He alone is my breath; my heart beat; my next step.

Iíve learned that Psalm 139 really was written just for me. And you. And him. And her. And them. He knew how many of us there would be.

Iíve learned that, if I stay silent in times of testing, I will be sure to hear His voice for instruction and direction in order to endure the test.

Iíve learned that He will not allow me to suffer any pain He does not know.

Iíve learned to say ďI donít knowĒ and feel good at the same time.

Iíve learned that it is better to change my course; to forget my plans; to drop my net so I may follow Him.

Iíve learned that others will know Who He is as they look at me.

Iíve learned that passion unbridled will lead to sin. But, passion in purity and focused on Him will heal my soul.

Iíve learned that I cannot exalt myself.

Iíve learned that my Father will never speak to me the way my Dad did. Iíve learned that He will not speak to others the way I speak to them either.

Iíve learned that He does not talk about me behind my back. But, He does intercede for me to The Father.

Iíve learned that, if I hold on to a wrong done to me, it will contaminate my soul.

Iíve learned that it is Ďokí not to have a title.

Iíve learned that, if I give up what I want to do so I can do what God wants me to do, it is always an upgrade.

Iíve learned that I could never match what Jesus paid.

Iíve learned that God will expose those things in me that He wants to heal.

Iíve learned that no person on earth could ever take His place.

Iíve learned that servanthood shows. The lack of it does as well.

Iíve learned that responsibility and accountability go hand-in-hand.

Iíve learned that I donít need to know it all. God already does.

Iíve learned that my life has always belonged to the Creator.

Iíve learned that nothing is mine. Itís all His.

Iíve learned that itís all about Jesus. To honor Him. To edify Him. To thank Him. To love Him. To praise Him. ButÖ.most of all Ö..to worshipÖ.to worshipÖ.to worshipÖ Ö.to worshipÖ.to worship Him. He is the air I breathe.

** Tina Irwin - Altamonte Springs, Florida - © February 1, 2004 - © Revised January 2010 - Please do not use or duplicate without permission.

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