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About Us - Just the Facts

Information and statistics:
  • Orlando, Florida, residents for 60 years.
  • Education – Bill: M.Ed. Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida.
  • Ministry Training -- Bill & Tina: Theophostic® Prayer Ministry – Basic Seminar; Level 1 Apprenticeship; Level 2 Apprenticeship; Advanced Level I; Advanced Level 2.*
  • Licensed Ministers.
  • Members of: Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International.
  • Provide pastoral care and Bible-based prayer ministry to the body of Christ at large.
  • 2002 ministry focus identified and initiated.
  • 2003 Judah’s Call International, Inc. officially formed and recognized
  • IRS approved 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.
  • Members of: International Association for Theophostic® Ministry.*

Ministry involvement January 2002 – January 2015:
  • 500 people from many Christian backgrounds have received ministry.
  • 4,800+ hours of one-on-one prayer ministry.
  • August 2005 basic prayer ministry training seminar offered with 16 churches participating.
  • 12-week in depth training course offered following the 2005 seminar with 24 attendees participating.
  • 2 missionaries from Thailand received 2 weeks of intensive prayer ministry training – December 2006.
  • Guest speakers for men’s groups; ladies’ groups; Sunday school classes; small home groups; special events.
  • Publish and distribute “Heartlink” e-letter. Contact us here if you would like to receive “Heartlink.”
  • Publish and distribute additional “Biblelink” e-letter - January 2012. Contact us here if you would like to receive “Biblelink.”
  • January 23, 2006, issue of Judah’s Call “Heartlink” e-letter published by Strang Communications as the featured article for the SpiritLed Woman e-letter “Power Up!” on April 30, 2007.
  • 2 "Bible Overview" classes taught in the spring of 2008.
  • "Bible Overview" course developed - made available on this website in June of 2010.
  • New website, www.bibleoverview.net, established to promote expanded use of the "Bible Overview Mini-Course" - June 2011.
  • New Blog, www.biblelink.net, established to promote expanded use of the "Biblelink" e-letter - November 2014.
  • Pre-marital pastoral care and instruction.

* Theophostic® is a trademark of Dr. Ed smith and Alathia Ministries, Inc., of Campbellsville, Kentucky. For further information about Dr. Ed Smith and Theophostic Prayer Ministry see www.theophostic.com or call 270-465-3757.

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