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In October 2003, we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. No fanfare. No big party. We just quietly slipped away for a weekend of reflection. No one could be any more surprised than the two of us that we had been married for 25 years!

Throughout those 25 years, there were times when we just knew that God had made a huge mistake in putting the two of us together. But, something inside of us would not - could not - let go! It wasn't easy. It took courage, endurance, faithfulness, and hope. It took dropping to our knees and asking for help... His help! We can testify to battle scars, loving embraces, tears of pain and of joy, fears, and failures, tenderness and triumph. A miracle for sure... 25 years!

We often discussed and dreamed about doing something that would help others. The ideas we shared always stirred in our hearts. With Bill's Master's degree in counseling, that seemed to be the direction we'd take in helping people. While we tried to find the "right thing" the Lord continued to do a 'good work' in us. We'd help a little here and a little there along the way. Then, we'd attend more "life school" classes. You know... "life school" ... the every day in's and out's of life! The real stuff.

We knew how to do things wrong. Now the Lord was showing us how to do things right. No text book... just every day life. The Lord didn't let us cut any classes or any corners. We attended seminars, conferences and sought wise counsel. He kept us marching forward... kicking and screaming all the way! Our dreams and ideas would surface every once in a while... like a carrot in front of the horse's nose to motivate him to keep moving. We'd see 'our carrot' and keep going!

In 2000, we were introduced to a counseling-type prayer ministry called "TheophosticŪ Prayer Ministry" (TPM). The name comes from the Greek words 'Theo' for God and 'phos' for light. Obviously the name means: "God's Light". We learned that TPM is not the typical, cognitive counseling with which we were familiar. In cognitive counseling, a counselee tells the counselor their problem(s). The counselor listens; and, based on training and experience, offers options and suggestions to the counselee to help them correct their way of thinking.

TPM was founded by Dr. Ed Smith of Campbellsville, Kentucky. In 1996, he began developing this ministry while engaged in his Christian counseling practice. TPM is now recognized as a divinely powerful and thoroughly Biblical approach for giving highly effective prayer ministry. God's truth replaces the lies freeing people from emotional pain. It is not a by-product of any other traditional form of counseling nor is it connected to any other accelerated or typical form of therapy.

TPM considers someone's unresolved emotional pain to be a consequence of their believing lies - woundedness in their hearts or misinterpretations their minds perceive - which are lodged in memory state. The key to this ministry's effectiveness is its ability to identify the original lie; thus, enabling the individual to receive and appropriate God's freeing truth that each person needs. It is the recognition of His truth by personal experience or by experiential knowledge.

John 8:32 "And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

We have both received this ministry for healing wounded areas in our own minds. Healing for things that caused conflicts in each of our lives and in our marriage. In 2003 and 2004, we experienced much healing and growth. Not only have we continued to receive ministry, but, we began our own course of study so that we might help others to receive it as well. We have completed the Basic Training Seminar, the Advanced Training Seminars and attended Level I & II Apprenticeship Training Workshops. We have observed many live ministry demonstrations by Dr. Smith using volunteers from workshop and training audiences.

In November of 2003, we attended the first convention of the newly formed International Association for TheophosticŪ Prayer Ministry. This association, of which we are charter members, began in January of 2003. The association serves to provide training and educational advancement. It will also maintain a watchful eye regarding the ethics, standards, guidelines and purity of TPM. We were honored and humbled to be a part of the more than 1,200 people from all over the world who attended this first convention!

Since 1997, the Lord has been showing us many things. We weren't quite sure what any of them meant apart from each other. But, as the Lord began putting the pieces together... step-by-step... we started to see a purpose, a piece of a dream and a hint of a familiar idea. Those things in our hearts were taking on new meaning. We believe He has genuinely and uniquely led us to discover (so far only in part) a true calling on our lives for ministry.

Our adventure with the Lord has already brought about some surprising changes in our lives. We believe there will be many more! One of the most surprising thus far is that both of us are now licensed ministers of the Gospel of the true and living Lord Jesus Christ. This was a suppressed dream of ours for many years and we thought it totally impossible! However, the Lord truly impressed us to pursue this part of His plan for our lives (*). This has been humbling indeed!

As the above events began to unfold, the Lord impressed something else on our hearts. Again, it was one of those dreams... ideas... a word from the Lord in a parking lot one afternoon in the summer of 2000. It was a name: "Judah's Call"! It wasn't clear to us then what that meant, but, the thought never left us. However, as we entered 2003, the Lord began to clearly and specifically present "Judah's Call" to us. It was to become a ministry... the ministry He wanted us to pursue.

In May 2003, the ministry was officially incorporated: "Judah's Call International, Inc." ... a non-profit corporation. We had been praying for the right people to help us perform duties of a corporation such as this. In a very short amount of time and only with the Lord's direction, we had assembled the officers and the board of directors with whom we would serve. In August 2003, we had our first "official" meeting. We shared our hearts and were blessed by the love and commitment we received from these dear people. Again, very humbling.

The full spectrum of our ministry is unfolding. Each week we see another page turn giving us a little more insight.

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